Deploy with a Web Platform Community Edition-

28 Oct '15, 12:54 PM
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Salve ,

I have download the "Web Platform  Community Edition" version WR and I think that it allows to deploy on Web Ratio cloud, I prove from Cloud Account  View but I need some data like API Key and Secret Key to configure a Cloud Account. Is it normal??

On the other hand I would like to confirm if I can conect to PostgresSQL data base.


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Hi Pilar,

   You can see this answer

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Hi Cristina, 

Thank for your answer, I`m sorry but I´ve understood of the answer which you have attached that you can deploy for free for a brief temporary space.

My problem was that when I select the cloud icon for deploy received a messenger to configure a cloud account and it required some data like API key.

I made the test of the cloud icon afther install web ratio and first of open a project, but when I`ve opened a project the cloud icon seem active, then I hope all will be ok, the next time that I will test the deploy.

Thank you very much 



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