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25 Jan '17, 01:43 PM
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 I created a group, added default module and modules list.

I created a new user to the group, after login its giving me the following error. What would be the cause? Would you mind helping me?


HTTP Status 404 - /Project/page8.jsp

type Status report

message /project/page8.jsp

description The requested resource is not available.


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the "HTTP Status 404 - /Project/page8.jsp" error means that the application does not find this page in the project, then most likely you have not completely generated the web project. Or you have the errors in the model.
Try to see if after the generation is displayed errors in the "Generation Errors" View in WebRatio.  Instead, to understand if there are errors in the model, you can use the "Find Model Problems" button present in the toolbar (the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark).

When you are testing a feature of your Web application, you may face some problems that prevent the feature from working properly. To understand what’s going on, find out the root cause of the undesired behavior and eventually understand which part of the model should be changed in order to fix the problem, you can use or the "Application Logs" or the "Visual Debug".
For this management see the following Online Training Lessons:

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