DataService Projects and Mobile Projects in WebRatio Community

13 Apr '15, 02:33 PM
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I am using WebRatio community version and I have created mobile project and dataservice project connecting my data model with MySQL on localhost. When I open my mobile project I see dataservice project as dependencies but I am failing to connect my mobile project to this dataservice project so I can get data from the database.  How can I do that?

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Hi Patrick,

when you generate the Data service project in WebRatio Cummunity Edition the related application will be deployed on WebRatio free Cloud Account.

If you want to sync the Domain Model of the Mobile project with the data service, the "Back-end Base URL" property should refer to the data service application running on Cloud (e.g. where xxxxx is the id of your free Cloud account).

To manage database connection please refer to this guide:

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