Data flow from a page which is not visible anymore

17 Oct '14, 03:21 PM
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I have an application with several pages. On one page (call it page A), I have a list of items and a button next to each item to show items related to this item. This leads to a new page (page B).

Now, on page B I have a navigation flow to an action and a data flow from page A to this action. Page A is at this point not visible and it seems that the data does not flow correctly from page A to the action. Is this because page A is not visible anymore and what could be a solution for this?


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Hi Martijn,

that could not be done using a Data Flow, since a Data Flow that starts from a component inside a Page can only propagate data to other components of the same Page or to an Action outside the page. 

In your case the Data Flow starts from page A and goes to Action C, but Action C can only be reached from page B.

As solution, I suggest you to keep the data you want to pass to the Action C also on page B. Or in alternative you can model everything inside one page and access the Action from this page.



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I solved it by passing the needed parameter to the other page. From that page, I passed the parameter to the action. Thanks for the answer anyway.

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