Check the status of WebRatio jobs

02 Jul '12, 11:16 AM
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I am new to WebRatio and I was wondering whether there is any way to verify the status of WebRatio jobs. I have a job scheduled on a daily basis at 1:15, but it seems that there are issues with it.

How can I check if the job is running properly and/or analyse the log files?

Thanks, Salvatore

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you can decide where to store the scheduling information, by setting the ""Job Store Type"" property, available in the Properties View of the Project -> Services/Jobs tab:

  • Memory: scheduling information is saved within memory
  • Database: scheduling information is saved within a database

For more details about Jobs, you can refer to the following article available in the WebRatio wiki.

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I found the CRON_* tables, now I have a different question: would it be possible to add some jobs to the list by inserting some rows in the database (to avoid the need to redeploy the entire project)?

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