Attribute comparison in a selector unit

18 Feb '14, 08:13 AM
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I need to define a condition comparing two attributes, such as in a Person table find all people living where they were born.

Suppose a have a table T with two attributes A and B: how can I retrieve records having A=B in a Selector Unit (or A>B, ....)?



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In your example your date is like this:

ID | A | B

01 | 1 | 1

02 | 3 | 2

03 | 2 | 2

04 | 4 | 5


And you can get A = B, you need get the row 01, 03?


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Hi Pablo,

yes I have to retrieve rows 01 and 03. I don't know how to achieve this modeling conditions in a selector unit. It's trivial in SQL: select * from table where field1 = field2.

I usually adopt a partial solution: model a calculated derived attribute C as A-B, and add a condition C = 0 at the selector unit.

However, it works fine with some data types such as integers, but it does not work fine with strings. Besides, the result is not a clear and undestandable model.

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Hi, in this case it's better if you use the Query Component, in this way you can write a SQL or HQL query as you want.
More details at:

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The main drawback in the sql component is that you can not pass the results to another component. 
You can do the following: 
Perform the query using a script component whith your query 

Or easier, create a calculated derivation that will generate a view, obtaining the oid when the fields are equal, where Self.oid self.a = Self.B. Of which you are going out alone the oid in which the two fields are equal, regardless of what type they are. 


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Actually the Query Component has the output parameters, you have to create one parameter for each element present in the select condition

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Other option is create an inmemory table and load data format to use with an normal selector. You need previously transform your data.

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Actually the Query Component have a output parameter, but only you pass one result.

For example, I consulted the user table, but I want to get all the resulting oid, 1,2,3,4,5 .... in the link. The result is only one oid, corresponding to the record.



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