AJAX events problem to external JavaScript

14 May '20, 03:42 PM
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I have a problem with my WebProject on WebRatio.

In my project I want to use event 'OnChange' and the result works fine, but when this event executes, my external file of JS didnt work anymore.


Example: I have a function to convert the characters to uppercase when event is a 'keyup', but when executes WebRatio onchange, my function to uppercase not work until I reload the page.


How can I prevent WebRatio ignore my JS file when ajax execute on my page?



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I think the problem is not that the javascript is ignored, but the fact that the on change event reloads the portion of the page where you want to use the uppercase function and maybe the function does not exists. If this is the problem, you may have to change the way your function is declared in the external javascript file. I should have a look at your javascript to give you additional details.

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