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27 Jun '16, 09:04 PM
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Hi I have a problem hope someone can help me.

I have a javascript function (in the template ) that preload a field with directions (google maps api) my function is in body onload=myfunction.

When the page is ready my function works fine the problem is when i use a flow with ajax the event start and when the event over the fields are no longer preloaded with my function.

the same thing happen when a validation rule start my fields are fine but when the page is refresh(with ajax) it ignores my function is there any possible solution.


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the best way to include JavaScript functions in the page is to use jQuery.

Here is a sample code

    jQuery( document ).ready( function( $ ) {
        //my logic


In this way you code should be executed also when AJAX events are fired.

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Did you find a solution? Same problem



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