Activation Proxy Error on Mac OS High Sierra

09 Jan '20, 04:20 PM
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I use Mac OS High Sierra and  have this problem:

- when I try to activate WebRatio i recieve a proxy error but i don't have proxy and I don't have firewall or other software that restrict site or port in/out internet.

I don't have problem with any site and other software that use internet connection.

I try to find manual activation but i can't find it.

Any suggestion?


thanks Rossella



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Add information to my post. the problem was with Web Platform run.

I try to run Mobile Platform and it works fine.





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Hi Rossella,

This could depend on the version of java pointed by WebRatio 7 on startup. In fact WebRatio 7 is compatible only with java 7 (and not with higher versions).

Please refer to these topics and answers:

Anyway you can install different java versions on your machine and set the correct path in the WebRatio.ini file (e.g. java 7 path for WebRatio 7 and java 8 path for WebRatio 8).

For more details on the requirements, refer to the Release Notes:

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